Android Linux Software Development

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Android S/W Devel on Linux

Android S/W Development on Linux

For Linux, install latest Android Studio. Add an entry in /etc/udev/rules.d which matches the vendor of your Android phone or tablet. "lsusb" should show the USB device for your phone when it is plugged in via cable. Once you have that rules.d file in place and correct, "adb devices" should list the phone or tablet. You'll need to enable "Developer Mode" on your Android, as well as "USB Debugging".

I tried and tried using a Nexus 5x phone and a USB->MicroUSB cable with an add-on USB-C adapter. Never saw the phone. Switched to  USB->USB-C cable and it showed up immediately.

Once the cabling, software, and rules.d file are in place, you should be able to create your first project (See the Google web pages for this, it's very easy!) and run it on the hardware device directly.

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