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Android Phone + VHF/UHF HT (DMR optional): Almost there

Interesting. Basically a ruggedized android phone + dual-band HT with a 6AH battery (removable, so you could have spares with you). I looked for Part 90 certification but didn't see it in the specs. Too bad, 'cuz I could see applications outside of ham radio, assuming one could protect the glass enough for real outdoor use.

Also looked for mention of a modem for doing data through the VHF/UHF radio. Nothing. Looks like it has earphone and mic jacks under a rubber cover on the side (I can't figure out the top symbol there), so a Bluetooth modem should give you APRS/data capability at the expense of having something else strapped to it with a cable, and more batteries and waterproofing to worry about.

3.2 W on VHF or UHF, so might be the Chinese $35 HT guts added on to an Android phone. Runs Android 5.1, so it's behind the times already on that.

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