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Were Back!!!

Below is a rehash of my posting to the seatcp mailing list back in May, outlining a bit about the death of the old wetnet server and it's resurrection.

As of today the website itself is back in it's original form.   I have plans for a complete web overhaul but life seems to be getting in the way so the old system will have to do until I complete the planned site upgrade.  

-------------------------The Story so far-------------------------

Back at the end of May the Wetnet server died while I was logged in fighting a sudden influx of spam and web bots along with it's sudden desire to kill processes for lack of memory, even though memory was fine.

Rather than fight it any longer I spent the remainder of the week (with the exception of a one day trip to Lyman to put a spare antenna on 224.78) getting the new server ready.  I already had the OS installed (openSuSE Leap) and was running a VM for the jabber/xmpp server so I continued on and put in roughly an additional 30+ hours.

It all got installed on May 29.

It's now a dual, 2.5Ghz Xeon quad-core server with 16gig of ram and lot's more disk space.   Thats the host machine.  There are Virtual Machines handling different services like mail, xmpp,dns,web and keyserver duties.  Plus a couple more for special cases like Curt's firenet processes.

In the long term all this virtualization will make it easier to protect, backup and even provide some redundancy by potentially hosting VM's elsewhere.

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