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Wetnet Brunch 19-Sept-2015

(copied from http://wa7nwp.blogspot.com/2015/09/wetnet-brunch-report-19-sept-2015.html)

Brunch is always great fun - even if they had no Banana Creme Pie this week.

WSJT-X now has an auto-qso mode. What took them so long?

Good to see our wandering ski board friend on his seemingly annual visit.

MonWyDaHoTa - no, I haven't figured out what that means either.

Learned of the Gamma Research power supply. Special feature is that it uses capacitor technology to supply the peak current needed for a 100 W SSB or CW transceiver - but runs with much lower rated full duty cycle construction. Pricey but a small size.


I shared that both of the Elecraft K3S stations at Summer Gathering were using the recommended PowerWRX 12V SS-30DV supply. It has a small size and built in power pole connectors. Should be a lot lighter in a Go Box than a 7 A or 12 A Astron.

I brought the Dash Cam I picked up a few months ago to try and get working. Ren shared the well done Dash Cam reviews at Techmoan. (No - I didn't get mine working. It keeps power cycling like it's not getting enough current. Time to RTFM.)

The "Periscope" streaming video AP was demo'd.

It's possible to Screen share (VNC) between Mac devices - but what about Airplay screen casting? We experimented. No definitive answer yet.
(Update de Jeremy: You want to use Airplay to stream your screen to someone else’s monitor? Try Airserver: http://www.airserver.com/Mac I’ve used it a couple of times to use a Mac laptop instead of an AppleTV off of my iPad.)

For your notes - the magic code at Jimmy Jacks is : J..J..sGu..1

Bob has a new 820T2 RTL SDR dongle running and is now a master of signal scoping. He claims he can't decode the 9600 APRS UHF packets by sight but I'm not sure I believe him.

It does appear that SDR#, the main SDR dongle software, is indeed supported and hosted by the Airplay folks at their site. Many have websites on how to get started but it's still confusing and not straight forward.


Bill, WA7NWP

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Where does the WETNET gang hangout?

I've been getting a number of requests lately asking for a list of frequencies where at least some of the wetnet gang can be found. 

I'll get around to adding a list to the FAQ but in the meantime here's the current list.

      Location                          Frequency               PL

  • Olympia                        224.08/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Capitol Peak     2700'  West and slightly South of Olympia
  • Central Puget Sound    224.58/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Buck Mt            3747'  near Quilcene
  • North Puget Sound       224.78/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Lyman Hill        4300'   East Northeast of Sedro Woolley
  • Central Puget Sound    441.950/ +5Mhz    131.8 Buck Mt.           2700'  West and slightly South of Olympia

All four machines are linked together (441.950 is the hub machine)   220Mhz is the preferred band although we won't scream if you come in on 441.950.

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It's Field Day time again

Once again the WETNET gang will be participating in  ARRL Field Day from the QTH of N7RIG in the beautiful Skagit valley.


Tlhis year, unlike years past we're not doing a special antenna project nor are we putting up one of our previous big antenna's.  No Bruce array,  no 20M rhombic.

Instead we'll be keeping it simple. 

  • One Titan-DX multi-band vertical (destined to eventually become N7RIG's permanent HF antenna)
  • One 160/80/40 dipole and G5RV on a single mast
  • One 6-meter quad. 

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Testing from Wetnet to FB via Twitter


Hola Mundo...

If the magic formula works, this will automatically show up on the NWP FB wall.

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Just a Wetnet blog test

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Yup, Wetnet was down

I messed up Wednesday (no I don't want to talk about it :-) and the server didn't come back from a reset. 

Rather than rush over to Isomedia and bring the box back up immediately I took the time to gather the materials to fix the RAID array problem we've had for some months.

On Thursday morning I replaced the bad drive, fixed my foobar and brought the system back up.

We're up and running at 100% for the first time in months.

Ken, N7IPB

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