1º Computer Science Week 2016

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The Computer Science Week is a project that I started last year after I went to my first Campus Party event. I saw amazing talks there, and I thought, why not bring some of those contents to my University?

So last year was the 0ª Computer Science Week, I chose to start to count from zero. Since when we began to study programming, we use to count from zero.


And since the beginning, I had tried to bring the most of the content about Free Software ideology. And this time next week, it will start the 1º Computer Science Week, and what is more amazing is that this edition is bringing people from more there 14 cities around the state of Rio de Janeiro, for watch the talks. I didn’t expect that.


This year we have talks from Intel, Mozilla and others enthusiasts of Free Software. And I really hope to introduce to all students of the course of Computer Science what is the importance of Free Software and how is changing the world.

I just hope that I survive this event to work on my GSoC project after. =D

That’s all… for now =)



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