D-Star for the Technically Curious

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Our very own John Hays on D-Star building blocks

Overview of various third party (Non-Icom) items

  • DVAP Dongle,  extends the Internet D-Star linking network to a local low power vhf radio so you can use your D-Star handheld without a nearby D-Star repeater.
  • Satoshi Node Adapter - d-star.dyndns.org
  • Not Quite So Mini-Hotspot - enicomms.com
  • Dutch*Star Mini Hotspot - dutch-star.eu
  • Dutch*Star DVA - Digital Voice adapter
  • Dutch*Star Option Board - Display Driver, Data Pins, Real Time Clock, Temp Sensor
  • Dutch*Star projects in design - Analog repeater board, Icom RP2C connector, etc.


  • Both Satoshi and Dutch*Star use Closed Source software
  • Satoshi has High fees for non-satoshi hardware
  • Dutch*Star - Simple fee for any board that will run it
  • PCRepeaterController by G4KLX, OpenSource
  • RPTR/RPTR_MUX by KI4LKF, OpenSource
  • NI-STAR by G4ULF, Closed Source


  • Soundcard GMSK encode/decode
  • or Node adapter for Satoshi and DUtch*Star Firmware
  • GUI or CLI configuration
  • Full analog repeater controller
  • Linux or WIndows, OpenSource
  • Yahoo Group pcrepeatercontroller

RPTR/RPTR_MUX - Not currently maintained

  • Sources can be obtained, written in C++ for Linux and Windows

Realtime Routing Updates IRCDDB

  • Uses IRC to update gateways with routing changes
  • Works on both USRoot Trust and Multi-Trust networks
  • ircddb.net

Gateway Software

  • Open G2 - Yahoo group pcrepeatercontrooller files section, source and binaries
  • IRCDDB based Gateway project - new, should be OpenSource from G4KLX


Gateway and Linking

  • DPLUS by AA4RC, used by DVAR Hotspot, Closed Source
  • DEXTRA by KI4KLF enhanced by G4KLX, Source at Yahoo pcrepeatercontroller, Linux and WIndows
  • D-RATS by Dan KK7DS, Open Source, multiplatform
  • DVAR Hotspot by KB9KHM

Digital Voice by G4KLX  on a yahoo group that I missed :-)

DStarClient - DVDongle, WIndows Computer, Node adapter or two soundcards, radio fit for 9600, COR/PTT control = a Home Built DBV compatible Radio

John's wishlit: 

  • D-STAR to SIP
  • Net/Roundtable server
  • DD
  • Tower mounted box - 23cm, sealed box, POE, Couple of watts, N-Connector, Control by web,  replacement for the ID-1

Lot's more