Field Day wrapup

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WOW, what a georgeous weekend for FieldDay this year.  It's been years since we've had weather this good.IMG_0489.JPG

While Friday was a bit on the cloudy side that made it perfect for putting up antenna's.  Richard (n7rig), Tor (ae7ev), Curt (we7u) and I (n7ipb) put up Richards new HF vertical, the forty foot mast for the dipoles and the operations tent.

Considering it was only the four of us (and Richard left early to attend n0fpf's wedding open house) we did pretty well.

Then it was off for beer and food at the Skagit River Brewery.


IMG_0475.JPGSaturday morning started with eggs and bacon on Tor's grill then the last minute stringing up of the dipoles. 


All done just in time for the starting bell at 11am.IMG_0477.JPG





Lot's of the Wetnet gang showed up throughout the day, to many to list here but their presence was welcome. 

A couple of other antenna's were rolled out for test.  A folded multi-band dipole that ve6vq had stashed away for years and never assembled, and a beverage antenna that I've had tucked away for the last couple of years and never used.  Quite literally the beverage was rolled out on the ground and into the field for five hundred feet,  it was an interesting performer, maybe next year we'll lengthen it a bit and put it up a bit off the ground.

As usual our FieldDays are more about the setup and camaraderie..  Some operating gets done, we7u and ve6vq spent a lot of hours in front of the rigs, but we're obviously not in it for the contacts.

Techie talk, hot dogs, burgers and beer with friends.  It doesn't get much better than that.

And then on Sunday it all ends.