How do I configure JNOS RIP for the WETNET system?

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OBSOLETE: Refers to the old packet network.

From a posting on the seatcp mailing list

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1. RIP for NOS users

WA7NWP, KA7PBI and myself have been experimenting lately with a unix program called ZEBRA that manages various routing protocols including RIP. We finally figured out all the appropriate commands to make it work on our rf links and have started to bring it up on various lans.

The new parameters broadcast a little more often, (once every two minutes) but in exchange we get a more rapid response to network changes.

Most of the Linux boxes have been configured with ZEBRA and email outlining the settings for those remaining will follow in a later posting. This email is for those running NOS and outlines the changes you need to make in order to work with the new settings.

For a refresher about the NOS RIP settings I found my original email outlining everything about the use of NOS and RIP for both end users and those acting as routers. Those emails are now in the seatcp archives.