KDE Got a New Compass

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At the end of 2012, I started a series of post explaining the
genesis of the KDE Manifesto.
In that series, I pointed out that it took our community six years to go from
the pains generated by our growth to creating the needed tool to solve them:
namely the KDE Manifesto.

It took us an awfully long time... but it looks like we're getting better at
dealing with this kind of community changes. Indeed, this time it took us only
three years between Akademy 2014 where Paul Adams delivered his wake up call
about our loss in cohesion and Akademy 2017 where a group of old timers
(including yours truly) proposed a way to federate our community behind common
goal again. It's too bad Paul decided to retire
before he could witness that change!

It took a bit of time to put things in motion, but the community finally chose
three goals for itself. This nicely concludes the Evolving KDE
initiative pushed by Lydia.

I'm excited to see how those goals
will progress in 2018 and beyond and how they will impact our community. Will
they indeed bring more cohesion again? Will it be measurable?

Those are interesting questions that I'd like to explore... Paul retired, so
maybe it's time I try myself at the community metrics work he was doing.

As the year 2017 is ending and the year 2018 is almost upon us, I'm looking
forward to another year of work by all the busy bees forming the KDE Community.

We need some help to get there though, if like me you like the direction set in
the KDE goals, consider participating in the End of 2017 Fundraiser.
Don't wait, only four days left! You can power KDE too!

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