Last two talks of the day

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I skipped a couple of the early afternoon talks but was back for the last two of the day.

My netbook battery was exhausted so these are from memory and the DCC printed proceedings.

First up was Michael Hightower, KF6SJ and A simple SDR Receiver.  

Michael has developed a complete 3.5 to 18 Mhz SDR using a Cypress PSoC ( programmable system-on-a-chip) and six additional IC's.

It fits on a 3.2 by 2.3 inch PCB, has a USB port that looks like a  com-port for control, an antenna connection and a headset jack for audio.

Control is via Ham Radio Deluxe an the K2 control protocol.  Since it uses the K2 protocol I would presume that for those of us in the Linux world it could be used with any HamLib compatible program.

Specs are:

  • approx -117 dBm MDS
  • 4 different receive filters - 2.5khz, 2.0 khz, 1.5khz and 400hz centered on 1khz 

Very nice for a receiver that in quantities of 100 should cost less than $50.  

Michael is not currently producing them for sale but when asked indicated it might be possible.  For those that want to roll their own all the tools are freely available and the schematic, software and layout are available at


Next up was Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z with How the Other Half Lives: Developing SDR Software for the Macintosh Platform

Jeremy gave a great talk on his implementation of a native Mac SDR receiver for the OpenHPSDR hardware.  This was essentially the same presentation he gave at the MicroHams gathering last weekend and was both entertaining and informative.  Even to those of us not into Mac's.

I'll post a link to details when I get them.