Last Weeks Activity in Elisa

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Elisa is a music player designed to be simple and nice to use. It allows to browse music by album, artist or all tracks. You can build and play your own playlist. We aim to build a fluid interface that is easy to use.

I enjoy working on the elisa music player. I hope some people enjoy using it. All of this would not have been possible without the KDE community. There is an ongoing fundraising campaign. Please support it.

Not much have been done due to Christmas and end of year holidays.

The following things have been integrated in Elisa git repository:

  • Disable shadows when no artist image is present by Diego Gangl ;
  • Unify track delegate handling by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Fix missing assignment of music listener for MediaArtistAlbumView by Alexander Stippich ;

There are also some pending diff request in phabricator.

We have also some ongoing work to organize work with KDE VDG. Some future changes following their feedback is planned.

I am also driving an effort to more clearly communicate what elisa is about (inspired by the work on KDE goals and plasma vision). I hope to be able to also have a vision for elisa and to derive some goals aligned with those of the KDE community.

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