OpenHPSDR Project update.

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Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI gives an update on the current state of the various OpenHPSDR projects.

For those not familiar with HPSDR checkout for details.

Something I never was aware of is that AMSAT has provided schematic capture, simulation and PCB layout software with licensing arrangements that allow the various developers to check out and reserve a license via the internet.

Alexiares: RF Bandpass Filters,  we've been waiting for this for years since the Penelope transmitter doesn't meet FCC spectral requirements.

  • Status:   Toriod cores causing problems,  original chinese cores didn't work.  Wrong permiability, wrong sized,  there have now been three rounds of builds with different cores.  Finally cores were qualified and shipped, a significant number are out of  spec by more than 20%.
  • Solution, some of the cores might be salvaged by changing turns, and still may not work.
  • Still ongoing

Metis:  (Formally Ozy II) Gigabit Ethernet Gateway

Hermes:  Combined RX/TX board

  • Changing from USB to gigabit ehernet,
  • push-pull pa
  • Altera Cyclone III FPGA
  • Matching PA/Low Pass Filter/ATU (Apollo)    with Hermes becomes 15w xcvr
  • FPGA can handle eight independant receivers