Opera Forges Ahead With Plan to Support WebKit Prefixes

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The problem, in Opera's view, is that instead of writing code that will work in any web browser, some of even the largest sites on the web are coding exclusively for WebKit (the rendering engine that powers web browsers on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones). Web developers have, the argument goes, created the same sort of monoculture that used to exist around Internet Explorer, with websites proudly proclaiming they "work best in WebKit."...

Instead of coding against a single CSS specification developers will need to code against changing vendor prefixes. As CSS Working Group co-chair, Daniel Glazman, wrote when Opera first floated the idea, "I don't think this is the right way. And this is the first time in this WG that we are proposing to do things that are not the right way."

We at Webmonkey hope it's obvious that building WebKit-only sites is a mistake. If you're only interested in iOS users then take a tip from Instagram and build a native app. As Peter Linss, Hewlett-Packard's CSS WG representative said at the earlier CSS WG meeting, "there's no advantage to the web to have someone write a platform-specific website." There's no real advantage for the developer either, especially when an automated CSS prefixer can do all the work for you. So, if you're using prefixes, we encourage you to take the time to add them all, test your site in as many browsers as possible and make sure your site works for everyone. - Scott Gilbertson, Webmonkey

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