What frequency/LAN should I use?

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OBSOLETE: This refers to the old packet network Since we have a subnet addressing system in use, we need to know what Local Area Network (LAN) you're going to use in order to issue the proper address. There are several ways you can determine which LAN is best for you. Probably the easiest way is to use your existing Terminal Node Controller (TNC) firmware to make AX.25 level connects to several of the stations on a given LAN. In particular try to talk to one of the gateway stations. Send several messages and verify that you have a good path for long messages. A good test is to issue several 'help' requests and monitor how well you receive them. If you find out that you have trouble, try another LAN if possible. Washington Area TCP/IP LANS

Subnet LAN served/Baud Frequency Geographic area
100 South 1k2, 145.67 MHz, South King, North Pierce Counties
101 North 1k2, 147.60 MHz, South Snohomish, North King Counties
102 Camano 1k2, 147.40 MHz, Arlington - N Everett
103 220 9k6 RPTR, 224.56 MHz, Rptr on Gold Mtn, East of Bremerton\
104 West Seattle 1k2, 144.41 MHz, West Seattle
105 East 1k2, 144.95 MHz,NE King County - Gtwy-Pine Lake
106 Aberdeen 1k2, 144.91 MHz, Aberdeen/Hoquiam, Gtwy Cosmopolis Hill
107 Baldy 9k6 2M RPTR, 146.98 MHz, Rptr on Baldy Mtn near Enumclaw
108 East 9k6 UHF RPTR, 441.975 MHz, Rptr on Pine Lake Plateau near Issaquah
109 South 9k6 UHF RPTR, 442.125 MHz, Rptr at Lake Tapps, near Sumner
110 Northgate 9k6 UHF R,441.825 MHz, Rptr on Roosevelt Hill in Seattle
111 Bellingham 1k2, 144.95 MHz, Greater Bellingham
112 Skagit 1k2, 147.44 MHz, Skagit Valley
113 West 1k2, 145.65 MHz, West King County - Gateway in Ballard
114 Bothell 1k2, 144.97 MHz, Greater Bothell/Woodinville\r\n
115 Tacoma 9k6, 145.09 MHz, South Tacoma
116 Aberdeen UHF, tbd MHz, Aberdeen/Hoquiam - rptr proposed
117 Ocean Shores 1k2, tbd MHz, Saddle VHF
118 Kent Valley 1k2, 145.03 MHz, Renton-Kent-Seatac-Auburn
119 Olympia LAN, 147.40 MHz, Greater Olympia area
120 Poulsbo, 430.55 MHz, West Central Puget Sound
121 Clallam County, tbd MHz,North Olympic Peninsula
122 SE Snohomish, tbd MHz, SE Snohomish Co, gateway near Monroe
123 Seattle ACS 1K2 441.025 MHz, Seattle, hub at Space Needle
124 Port Ludlow, 145.05 MHz, Port Ludlow area

The following temporary IP addresses may be used for testing. You may use one or more of these until a permanent address is issued officially:


Use the appropriate subnet number for the LAN/subnet you will be testing on. Use these addresses at your own risk since someone else may have picked the same temporary number. Address numbers 44.24.[subnet].0 and 44.24.[subnet].255 are RESERVED for broadcast and network use, as per TCP/IP conventions.