What TNC's work well for 9600 baud?

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Most of the major TNC manufacturers (MFJ,Paccomm, Kantronix) have 9600 baud capable TNC\'s. Any TNC-2 clone (MFJ-1270C, etc.) will work with the TAPR/G3RUH 9600 modem added. The Timewave PK-96 (formerly AEA PK-96) is my (N7IPB) favorite simply because it seems to work well. The YAM modem works well and is inexpensive ($75). Baycom, Symek,and Wimo are all selling 9600 baud TNCs. It is important to remember that you cannot connect a 9600 baud TNC to a microphone connector on a radio as you can for 1200 and 2400 baud TNCs. The 9600 baud modem requires a direct connection to the radio\'s modulator and discriminator to work.