What a weekend

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Just recovery from our weekend-long ownCloud development meeting -- and what a meeting it was.

Held here in the Stuttgart ownCloud offices, myself and 18 ownCloud contributors from across Europe borrowing down on the next version of ownCloud (coming next month) -- coding, brainstorming new features and functions and having fun.

We worked on a lot of different features:

  • General stabilization of the ownCloud 4 code base.
  • Work on a solution that solves the big file upload problem once and for all.
  • Huge database optimizations for better performance.
  • Improved KDE integration
  • Implementation of an LDAP groups backend and big improvements in the LDAP user integration.
  • Implementation of a lucene search engine for files. We now have proper searching. :-)
  • UX optimisation all over the place
  • Lot´s of small design improvements
  • Improvement on ownCloud.org
  • Work on Debian Packaging
  • OpenID support
  • Drag and Drop uploading
  • Implementation of a "Find my Android phone" location based feature.
  • Working on versioning and encryption support
  • Lots of bugfixes at the Desktop Syncing client
  • Porting of the Desktop Syncing Client to Mac OS X. Release soon.
  • UX improvements at the Desktop Syncing Client.
  • Work started on an ownCloud mail client. 
  • Lots of bugs fixed

I want to thank everybody for their creativity, energy and the fun.

Looking forward to the next meeting later this year already!

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