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"Vell, Zaphod's just zis guy, you know?"

Oh that wasn't the question was it.

WETNET is a group of hams from the Pacific NorthWest who have been building and experimenting with radio and computers for over 25 years.

We started off as amateur radio operators interested in TCP/IP and packet radio. During the 1980's we developed an extensive TCP/IP based radio network. The network sites were primarily located at various cell-sites and consisted of 9600 baud repeaters on UHF frequencies with 1200 baud simplex ports on the two meter band. As the Internet became more prominent and access to the cell-sites was lost the network languished and our interests moved on.

Currently our members are active in APRS, amateur satellite operations and just about anything involving computers and/or radios.

We have a history of contributing to the development of Amateur Radio related progams such as JNOS, XASTIR and the Linux AX.25 utilities.

In 1996, with the help of the ARRL, we sponsored the TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Seattle.

WETNET stands for 'Washington Experimenters TCP/IP NETwork' after the network we used to run on radio.

We have no organization, dues, or officers. We prefer to have fun and not get bogged down in organizational details.