Interested in Amateur Radio, Software Defined Radios, Ham Satellites,APRS, or just about anything involving radios and/or computing? 

Then you've come to to the right place.  Feel free to browse around,join/visit the mailing lists (seatcp is where it's at) or just use the tools provided here.

The WETNET Gang: A bunch of Ham Radio operators in the Pacific Northwest interested in all of the above.  While many of us are
in the PNW we welcome anyone with common interests.

On the air we can be found on the following repeaters:

  • Olympia                        224.08/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Capitol Peak     2700'  West and slightly South of Olympia
  • Central Puget Sound    224.58/ -1.6Mhz    103.5
  • North Puget Sound       224.78/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Lyman Hill        4300'   East Northeast of Sedro Woolley
  • Central Puget Sound    441.950/ +5Mhz    131.8   (No Longer on the Air, moved to 440.5 Capitol Peak)
  • Capitol Peak Hub        440.500/ +5Mhz    110.9

All four machines are linked together (440.500 is the hub machine)   220Mhz is the preferred band although we won't scream if you come in on 440.5

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Yup, Wetnet was down

I messed up Wednesday (no I don't want to talk about it :-) and the server didn't come back from a reset. 

Rather than rush over to Isomedia and bring the box back up immediately I took the time to gather the materials to fix the RAID array problem we've had for some months.

On Thursday morning I replaced the bad drive, fixed my foobar and brought the system back up.

We're up and running at 100% for the first time in months.

Ken, N7IPB

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Options for High-Speed Packet: 2010 Edition

(With apologies to Barry McLarnon, VE3JF who wrote the original Options for Medium to High-Speed Packet in 1993)

Periodically, certain well known and notorious members (you know who you are) of WETNET have gathered to discuss the if, why and how packet radio activity might be made to grow, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. The arguments regarding "if" and "why" are far too controversial to continue discussing here, but let it suffice it to say that there seem to be two opposing views:

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The OpenWrt/X-Wrt AX.25 Project

For quite some time (some of the Seattle WETNET gang will say 'forever') I've been working on adding AX.25 support to embedded devices like your typical home router. Originally using the software from the OpenEmbedded project but eventually settling on OpenWrt and it's companion web interface X-Wrt.

The OpenWrt/X-Wrt AX.25 Project allows any router supported by OpenWrt to use the amateur radio AX.25 protocol. The core AX.25 tools and applications turn your router (along with a tnc and radio) into a TCP/IP capable packet system, a version of Digi_Ned makes it a smart digipeater while aprsd gives it the ability to be an APRS Internet gateway (igate).

All of it configurable through a handy web interface.

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Field Day 2009


Once again it's over, and while as usual it was a lot of fun I am glad it will be another year before the next one. :-)

The weather was absolutely incredible and the turnout exceptional.

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Come one Come all!

Once again the WETNET gang will be participating in the ARRL Field Day from the QTH of N7RIG in the beautiful Skagit valley.

Our special antenna project this year is a five element Bruce array for 40M, with a reflector. In addition we'll have a tri-band beam, 160M vertical (see last months QST), 40/80M dipole and a G5RV for the GOTA station.

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We're getting a facelift...

After years of the same old look, and with an assist from some hack attempts in December, we're undergoing some construction

While some of the content is back in place much still remains to be done. Please be patient as we continue to improve the site, there are lots of cool things to come.

Ken - N7IPB

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