Western Washington IP Address Request Form

Information about You!

The issuance of a new IP address may take a short amount of time. New users should be patient and allow processing time until your IP address is issued by the coordinator. The following information is needed before an IP address can be issued:
Name    :    Callsign : 
Address : 
City    :     Washington State Zipcode: 
Phone   :    OK to publish phone number?
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Choosing LANS and Frequencies before continuing!!!

Since we have a subnet addressing system in use, we need to know what Local Area Network (LAN) you're going to use in order to issue the proper address. There are several ways you can determine which LAN is best for you. Probably the easiest way is to use your existing Terminal Node Controller (TNC) firmware to make AX25 level connects to several of the stations on a given LAN. In particular try to talk to one of the gateway stations. Send several messages and verify that you have a good path for long messages. A good test is to issue several 'help' requests and monitor how well you receive them. If you find out that you have trouble, try another LAN if possible.
Selecting a HOSTNAME for each LAN
In this section you can select one or more LAN's for your system, and request a HOSTNAME name to be used by others to connect to you. Leave unused selections at "blank". Host names for Amateur Radio are usually of the form "aa6ed.ampr.org" or "ethanac.kd7nm.ampr.org". Hostnames that end in other than "*.*.ampr.org" may be rejected as not being Amateur Radio IP Addresses.
Defining LINKS
If you wish for several SUBNETS LANS to be linked to the same primary HOSTNAME, reuse the same hostname for your multiple entries below. This allows someone to connect to your station if you are on multiple LAN's, think of links as kind of a SEARCH engine that looks for the best route to you. Use this only if you have multiple radio ports on the air at the same time using the same computer.
Using a CNAME or Alias Name
A CNAME is an alias name entry in the Domain Server that allows users to connect to your station using this alias. Most of us do not need to have, and do not benefit from having a CNAME in addition to our jFor example, Brian, N7QDY may have an entry in the DOMAIN table "n7qdy.ampr.org" but may also wish to be known as "brianb.n7qdy.ampr.org". Please try to keep your CNAME useage at a minimum. If you do not wish to use a CNAME please leave the entry "blank".
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Additional Comments

As with most forms, there is always some information you wish to pass to the IP address coordinator. Please add any additional comments to aid the coordinator in completing this task:
After you have supplied all data you may  .

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Updated: April 27, 2010