Field Day 2009

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Once again it's over, and while as usual it was a lot of fun I am glad it will be another year before the next one. :-)

The weather was absolutely incredible and the turnout exceptional.

We scaled back a bit on our antenna plans when we realized that maybe we'd bitten off more than we could chew. The 'bruce' array was scaled back to only a driven element and we substituted a 160 meter dipole for the vertical.

Antenna's setup were:

  • 40 meter bruce array
  • 160/80/40 dipoles
  • 20 meter vertical loop for PSK-31
  • 20/15/10 tri-bander
  • G5RV for the GOTA station
  • Various beams for 6/2 meters and 440Mhz 

A rough count shows around 500 contacts. Not great, but given uninspiring band conditions and significant interference between the psk31 station and phone operations on 20 meters we did well.

Thanks to the Radio Amateurs of Skagit County for once again joining us in the festivities, and for providing the food and the all important sani-can.

And thanks to all those who came out early to setup and stuck around afterward to tear down.

Pictures in the gallery.

Ken, N7IPB