Can I create my own image gallery?

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Every user has his own private gallery, just click on the"Photo Gallery" link and you will find a "My Album" link in the upper right corner of the photo area.

Initially your Album will be empty but you can upload images and create sub-albums with the links on the left side "Gallery Navigation" menu. 

Outside of  creating albums and uploading content the most critical navigation button is "Edit Permissions".  Initially you are in your top level personal album.  By default no one is able to view or change anything in your album.  This is fine if all you want is to store personal items but most of us wish to share the images we upload with others.  In order to do this you need to grant the appropriate permissions.  The following are the steps necessary to grant access to either 'Everyone' or just to 'Registered Users'.

  • Select 'Edit Permisssions'
  • Carefully read the text ( I mean it,  read and understand)
  • Pay particular attention to the 'Apply changes' block.  By default everything you do effects the album you're in and everything below it.  This is often 'NOT' what you want.   Deselect the check box to make sure changes apply only to the album you're in.
  • 'Group Permissions'  Notice that the default is only the Gallery Admins,  The change most often desired is to make a given album or image available to everyone or to registered users only.  To add additional groups type in either 'Registerd Users' or 'Everybody' in the New Group Permission block,  then select '[core] View item' from the action list.  Be careful, selecting the wrong action can make you're whole album editable by anyone.
  • Click on the "Add Permission" link.
  • Skip the 'User Permissions' block unless you really want to share an album with someone else.
  • Please be careful, granting 'All Access' or 'Add Comments' to 'Everyone' can leave you open to a lot of link spammers.
  • If you're careful and pay attention to the 'Apply changes' check  box you can grant access to only those albums you wish to make available to others.

You're album should now be available to others.

Some additional notes:

  1. The photo gallery we use is called Gallery 2 and can be very confusing, especially in the area of setting permissions.  The authors acknowledge this and promise the next version (Gallery 3) will be simplified.
  2. The Wetnet gallery structure is that of a tree with a top level album (called gallery) with various sub albums.  Anyone can view the top level by clicking on the 'Photo Gallery' link.   Within the top level album are sub albums that are in general available for anyone visiting the site to see with one exception and that is the 'Wetnet Users'  album which contains the personal albums of every registered user.
  3. All personal albums start out invisible to everyone except the owner who is responsible for organizing and setting permissions.