seatcp, usergroup, type ??

Fri, 2 May 97 18:01:50 GMT

   Is there any tcpip information type traffic coming in or going out on any
of the other LANS or anywhere else in the world that we are not receiving
over here on the 100LAN.  Or have it been considered to be garbage greater
that the ax25 type bulls.  The reason for my question is; The last seatcp
e-mail I saw was sent out by me, and that was on April 28, 1997. I am able
to monitor the 103LAN, and have seen a considerable amount of something
being passed.  Is some of this usergroup type e-mail.  If so why don't some
make an effort to get it over to us here on the 100LAN.
   This is just a BIG QUESTION ?????

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                       TCP/IP W7GCI@W7GCI.AMPR.ORG    
                         Lakewood City WA.  98499