The Race is on for 145.67 MHz (100 LAN SouthLan)

William Bytheway
Sun, 23 Aug 98 17:25:30 UTC

Looks like the conflict on the 100 LAN has been solved, the
Packet Cluster visitors have moved to another frequency. 


>From: Michael Mraz <>
>To: "'William Bytheway'" <>
>Subject: RE: Frequencies
>Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 14:31:48 -0000
>Hi Bill, thanks for the info. We are looking into sharing frequencies
>with another one of the dx packetcluster stations. If it works out, I'll
>vacate 145.67 by tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, we'll keep looking
>for another frequency and move as soon as we can.   73   Mike

And finally:

>>From Thu Aug 20 10:51:35 1998
>From: Michael Mraz <>
>To: "'William Bytheway'" <>
>Subject: RE: Frequencies
>Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 21:58:20 -0000
>Hi Bill, we're QSYing the ax.25 node on 145.67 today at 1600 local.
>73   Mike

My thanks to Mike Mraz for his work to resolve this

So here is the warning, use it or loose it!  Mike choose
145.67 MHz because he did not detect any other users on
that frequency.  He also did not not hear any activity on 
147.600 (100 LAN South Snohomish, North King Counties), 
that is when I sent him the list of LANs listed in the 
DOMAIN.TXT listing.  If we wish to retain all of the LANs 
& frequencies shown on our domain list, then we had better 
be using them.

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