Fw: 900 Commercial Spread Spectrum

Steve Stroh steve@strohpub.com
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 07:03:34 -0800

Hello Bob:

While the Puget Sound Amateur Radio TCP/IP Group has had a number of "show
and tell" of various 900 MHz radios and systems, including surplus Part 15
radios and CDPD modems, the units that Bill was referring to are almost
certainly Ricochet modems.

We've also discussed in depth the 900 MHz Spread Spectrum radio that Tucson
Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) is developing - details are at

There are a number of Amateurs in the Seattle using Ricochet.  In the
PSARTG, there are at least 8 Ricochet users (including myself), and they've
been put to some imaginative uses.

The story I've heard about Metricom's founding was that it was founded by
Paul Baran.  I'd be curious to hear more about Metricom's history.

Steve Stroh N8GNJ

At 07:26 10/26/98 +0000, Bill Bytheway AA6ED wrote:
>Hey guys, Bob (K7RLK) has a question about those Ricochet modems 
>some of you are using.  Don't reply to me directly using the reply feature
>on our E-mailer, please see if you can answer his questions directly to 
>"Bob Kalkwarf <Kalkwarf@Metricom.com>"!!!!!!!!!
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>>Hi Bill,
>> My name is Bob Kalkwarf, K7RLK ...I am curious what commercial 900
>>Mhz Spread Spectum Radios you experienced at your meeting...I started a
>>company called Metricom about 14 years ago, and we have a product called
>>Ricochet....I was wondering if those might be the radios...73
>>bob@kalkwarf.com <mailto:bob@kalkwarf.com>  or kalkwarf@metricom.com