More on problem

Steve Stroh
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 21:11:58 -0800

 From Metricom:

We apologize for not responding sooner, but due to the difficulties with 
our Ricochet domain, we were unable to send email to your 
account.  Although our email systems are functioning fine, our email 
service has been the recipient of a malicious act.  The company that 
controls Internet Domains, unknowingly made an unauthorized change to the 
nameserver that is pointing to.  This has caused all incoming 
email to be bounced and has created problems for our customers in receiving 
email.  Although we were able to detect this early today, and have them 
change it back, this change must work its way to many servers throughout 
the Internet.  We believe that this will be resolved by tomorrow, noon 
PST.  We have taken additional steps with Network Solutions to make certain 
that this does not happen again.  We appreciate your patience and 

Thank You,

Ricochet Technical Support

Steve Stroh   Woodinville, Washington USA
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