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(General note - I, for one, vote to have the "Reply To: on seatcp messages
set to reply to the list. It's not like the list is overwhelmed with
chatter - too much the opposite, in my opinion. Bring back the ReplyTo:

Bill's opinion on APRS resonates with me - if it wasn't so darn useful it
would be easy to poke fun at. And I did, for too long, and shame on me - I
didn't get it.

It's really amazing what can and is being done with APRS.

I became a convert when my daughter went into grade school and I
volunteered for the emergency preparedness committee... and then realized
just how vulnerable our amateur packet network is (I won't go into the
details - you can guess...)

APRS, on the other hand is very widely deployed (except on Hollywood Hill
in Woodinville- I _am_ working on it guys), well understood, easy to use,
and it _just works_. The short messaging is what really hooked me on it.
In short, it's a GREAT tactical tool for emergency, and casual, communications.

Steve Stroh N8GNJ

At 19:35 7/6/99 -0700, Bill Vodall wrote:
>It's been too quiet here... Might as well liven it up a bit...
>I agree, one of the greatest opportunities for our "IP" network lies
>in automatic routing.   It should be possible for stations to come
>and go, on the 44 net, via ANY connection mechanism - such as RF or
>even (gasp) landline Internet connections, and be connected.   Bandwidth
>should be additive.
>On the other hand, APRS already has completely automatic routing.  As
>long as you're in range of the network, a message to another station,
>anywhere IN THE WORLD in range of the network, will get to him.  No
>special routing.  No tricks.  Nothing.  It just works.   (Details of
>magic involved omitted...)   For one liners - it's hard to beat.
>  s wa7nwp   Hey man, when you going to float that kayak?
>That's all it takes...
>For a system that's useless in a majority of situations, I'm sure
>getting a lot of different uses out of APRS.   It's holding me
>over until I can find a new QTH which allows real antennas!
>Bill - WA7NWP

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