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Linda K Hedges seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 03:51:19 -0800

I received this on another mailing list - waham@qth.net, and although it's 
mostly commercial (and a bit dated), there's enough "Amateur Value Added" 
that I thought it might be interesting to post it to seatcp. Not to mention 
that the list has gone quiet again.


Subject: weather forcasting
From: N6ZNC <darby@pacificnet.net>

My name is Dorothy Darby N6ZNC and I have been running a HAM radio net
for amateur seismologists on 220 and 2m for 6 years. I also run a non
profit Amateur Seismologist network worldwide

I have become interested in the work that Colorado TV and Radio
Meteorologist Greg Berman is doing for the local community, and I am now
working with him to offer this public service nationwide.

Colorado TV and Radio Meteorologist Greg Berman is looking for feedback,
regarding a brand new and exclusive weather forecasting system that will
provide the most updated weather forecast/alerts to any town in the
United States, big or small.  This type of forecasting service has never
before existed.  Because our forecasting is zip code sensitive, every
town will have its own forecast and alert.  And for those towns that have
more than one zip code, then several forecasts and/or alerts will be
issued, one for each zip code.

Small rural town usually have to rely on forecasts from the bigger
cities as much as 100 miles away, sometimes even further.  This will no
longer be the case.  Rarely has a forecaster even tried to forecast for
the small rural towns, and those who  have attempted it have failed
miserably. Greg is working with a well known company called Witi
(Boulder, CO) which is a division of NCAR, a world renowned weather
research center.  This new type of forecasting service will also allow
you to set alarms.

For example, you can be warned when the temperatures drops below
a certain level or the wind increases past a certain point.
There are hundreds of other type of alarms that can be set.
You only set the alarm one time, and you will always receive those
individualized warnings until you change tem.

We are looking for feedback from HAM RADIO weather spotters and weather
enthusiasts which would be incredibly helpful in putting the face on
this new type of forecast.  We would like to know what you think of our
abilities to forecast for small towns, as well as the major
metropolitan areas across the United States.   And we would like
feedback on what you would like to see in these forecasts, for example,
7 to 10 day forecasts, special moisture alerts throughout the day, etc.

Those interested should email Greg directly at berman@weatherwindow.com.
Greg would then send out forecasts for 30 days to emails, pagers and
cell phones to those individuals who are interested in taking part.  If
you would like to take part immediately without receiving additional
information, you can sign up at:


If you know of any ham radio people involved as weather spotters that
would also have an interest in receiving these free weather forecasts
and alerts, please share this email with them.  You also have my
permission to announce this on any ham radio nets that you run.

There is no charge for this beta testing.  No credit card is asked for.
Greg would only need an email address and zip code for those who would
like to take part.  Remember again to email this information to
berman@weatherwindow.com or sign up immediately at:


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