Almost live!

Steve Stroh
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 06:38:28 -0800


Thanks for the news!  I was an occasional fan of Almost Live! and was 
saddened by its cancellation. You have to love a show where the most famous 
national alumnus is Bill Nye, whose serious science bits were there 
strictly for laughs - this on a comedy show! This kind of cements KIRO-TV's 
reputation as the "most local" of the big three network affiliates.


At 02:11 1/13/00 +0000, Scott Cronk N7FSP wrote:

>  In the same catagory as 'Dilbert'... heard that "Almost Live!" will
>  be returning to the airwaves of Seattle in April with a 1-hour opener
>  and then into its KING-TV Channel 5 time slot of 11:35 PM on Saturday
>  nights - but on KIRO-TV Channel 7 with the same crew that are known
>  from the old "Almost Live!" before the show was dropped by KING-TV.
>  KING-TV dropped the show last season, and the move to KIRO-TV means
>  only one thing!  NO RERUNS (atleast for a while anyway!).  This being
>  that all the old shows were certainly owned by KING-TV.
>  Enjoy!
>  de N7FSP - West Seattle, WA.