Rooftop internet connections...
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 20:15:34 +0000

Rooftop is pretty cool. I've been investigating them for 
the city of Seattle. I like there routing schema allot. 
They have recently been bought by Nokia and have stopped 
production of the units. I have talked to them and they 
have not set a time when they are going back into 
production. At least that is what they have told me. The 
sales guy said there were going to improve the data rate 
of the units.

Steve - N0fPF
> Has anyone investigated the possibility of using internet radios, ala Rooftop 
> Communcations, for construction of a wireless infrastructure? It seems to me 
> that with two or more of these nodes depolyed in the proper locations, we 
> could enjoy seamless internet connectivity via the unlicensed radio service 
> in the 2 gig range... I see the possibility of people like myself who are in 
> the outlying areas with no access to DSL, ISDN, or cablemodem, to be able to 
> enjoy DLS-like throughput via Rooftop Communcations nodes, if they were 
> properly placed.... Check out this URL for specific info:  
> I think you will be impressed with what you see. Comments?  Considering the 
> costs involved, I would guess that if this was something people wanted, we 
> could embark upon it as a group so that the maximum number of people 
> benefit.... I for one would be very pleased to get hooked up via a "Rooftop" 
> connection, if it proved feasable....
> 73, Gary, W7NTF