New Data Radio?

Ed Carp
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 18:06:44 -0600

w7ntf@w7ntf.#wwa.wa.usa.noam (w7ntf@w7ntf.#wwa.wa.usa.noam) writes:

> R:991231/1403z @:W7NTF.#WWA.WA.USA.NOAM #:346 
> It was a Maxon, which is synthesized, and has fairly good power
> output to drive an external amplifier, if necessary. It is real
> sharp... I am hoping the final shakedown is positive as I am
> planning on ordering four of them.. They are made for 2m & 70cm
> only as I understand it.... I'll probably ask for two on each
> band if the prices are anywhere like he indicated they might
> be....

Can you be a little more specific as to price and specs on the radio, or provide a URL?  Thanks!