SCC card

Bob Nielsen
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 15:03:52 -0700

I'm finally getting settled into the new QTH and plan to start setting
up a station soon.  Since I will be redoing some things, I was
wondering if there are any SCC cards available these days.  I have
several flavors of TNC, but it looks like this might be a better way
to go.  I recall hearing that the PI2 is no longer in production, but
that there was some possibility of TAPR taking it over.  Does anyone
have any information on this?  

Are there any other cards which are readily available?  I have heard of
some European designs on the linux-hams list, but would appreciate any
recommendations, URLs, etc.

73, Bob 

Bob Nielsen, N7XY  (RN2)         
Bainbridge Island, WA