Lost opportunities ?

Martin Johnson - KC7ZWG seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:41:45 -0700

I have been waiting for nearly one year now, since my original request
for an IP address.....

Am I stupid or what ?

My schedule does not allow me to attend a Mitzel's gathering, and since
Wetnet has a web page dedicated to assigning IP address assignments, I
assumed that many hams wanting to participate would use this avenue to
become part of the group.

I really do not want to bother anyone...  I have applied for an IP
address on two occasions and have sent an email directly to the person
responsible for assigning the addresses.

I have worked with two individuals who are already established on the
network and am certain the online form was filled correctly.  I am also
somewhat knowledgeable with networking and TCP/IP.

As stated earlier, my intent here is not to slam anyone..... just to let
the group know that the system that is now in place is broken.  I have
heard many ugly tales from others that getting an IP address has been
extremely difficult.

I understand that ALL of you are donating your time to the cause and
that some things may not always be a priority in your lives, but should
anyone have to wait a year for something as simple as an IP address ?

All I ever wanted to do was become part of the network... part of the

Just for the record..... I give up and am not expecting anything.

Sorry for the whining...  good luck with your endeavors.

Martin Johnson - kc7zwg