Fw: Salmon Run 2000

Ken Koster seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 11:14:48 -0700

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Ward Silver wrote:
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Just a little smoke.

Redone in a form anyone can use.

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Now wasn't that easy?

Ken,  N7IPB

Sponsored By Western Washington DX Club

1600Z Saturday September 16 thru 0700Z Sunday September 17 and 1600Z thru
2400Z Sunday September 17, 2000. 23 hours total - all operators may operate all
hours of the contest.

Contest bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10,& 6 meters 
Contacts on WARC bands, and VHF bands (higher than 6 meters) do not count.
Suggested Frequencies
CW 1850, 3550, 7045, 14050, 21050 and 28050
SSB 1850, 3925, 7260, 14280, 21380 and 28380
Mobile frequencies are 5 KHz below these - please keep them clear for weak
mobile and Washington County DXpedition signals! Try CW on the half-hour; 160
meters at 0500z; 80/75 meters at 0300z and 0600z. 

CW, SSB, and Mixed Mode.
QRP (5 watts or less), Low Power (5.1-200 watts), High Power (more than 200 watts)
Single Operator, Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter, Washington Club Station,
Mobile, Washington County DXpedition, Shortwave Listener

RST and County for Washington stations
RST and State, Province, or DXCC entity for non-WA stations 
Logs must show date and time in UTC, stations worked, exchange sent and
received, modes used and score claimed. Dupe sheets required for 200 QSO's or

2 points for phone
4 points for CW 
The same station may be worked for QSO points on each band on both SSB and CW
(CW QSO's in CW sub bands ONLY).  Portables and Mobiles count for QSO points
and Multiplier credits in different Counties. Contacts with stations operating
from a county-line can log one QSO from each county.

Washington stations count Washington counties (39), US states (49) VE
Provinces and DX entities. Stations outside of Washington use Washington
counties (39 total). Each Multiplier may be counted ONLY ONCE regardless of
mode or band

A QSO with the W7DX will add a 500 point bonus for each mode. A total of 1000
points may be earned in this manner (not 500 points for each QSO on each
different band). 

Total = QSO points from all bands X total multipliers + Special Bonus Station bonus points

Packages of Smoked Salmon to top score in each call district.  Plaques,
Trophies, and Certificates as determined by contest committee.  Participation
Certificate to all logs received.  To qualify for awards and prizes the minimum
number of QSO's is: DX 25; U.S.A. 50; Washington 100 QSO's.

SEND LOGS TO: Western Washington DX Club, P.O. Box 395, Mercer Island, WA
98040 (Or to salmonrun@wwdxc.org).  Entries MUST BE POSTMARKED NOT LATER THAN
October 31. All decisions of judges are final.

Complete rules are available from WWDXC, P.O. Box 395, Mercer Island, WA
98040 for a SASE or at www.wwdxc.org/salmonrun