FW: Lemon powered FD radio

Bill Vodall seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:17:30 -0700

>  N7FSP said:
>  I am truely amused... lots of messages about Lemons, but none about
>  getting IP addresses issued - still no action on that front!

Lemons as actually more interesting then IP numbers...  I wonder
if they made any lemon powered packet contacts?

Seriously, the number thing should improve drastically soon.  Our
beloved coordinator is a bit distracted this month (moving, big project
deadline, etc)    The cleaned up web submission form is finally in place
That will make submissions much easier to process.

On the other hand, the real problem is that it isn't publicized that
numbers don't need to be assigned.  I'd say that 95% of the existing numbers
should be purged.  There's nothing special, magic, sacred or important about
an IP number.  It merely tells packets where to return to.  Far too
often is a "personal" thing like a callsign instead of a routing tool.

If a system isn't a full time, dedicated server - it doesn't need a
static number assigned.  Doing so just complicates things and adds to
network traffic.  What percentage of the Wetnet traffic is ARP's for
stations not on the air?  I bet it's a big number!!!

We should probably have a process that monitors the packets heard, and
if an IP number isn't seen in a week or so - nuke it from the hosts list.

For testing and occasional use, just pick ANY IP number in the LAN that's
not currently in use.  It's probably a good thing to use one that doesn't
have a name assignment, but it won't hurt anything if you do.  Convention is
that the upper number in the subnet, 250..251..252..253, should be used.
That is only a convention.

There is an automated process for allocating temporary IP numbers..  DHCP!
Works great on the hardwired system.  I hope to experiment with it on RF
(even at 1200 baud) in the near future.   This would make far more sense
for any stations that aren't on full time then using a dedicated IP number.

Any non full time station that's used for Email - it should be pop'ing the
email from a server that is full time.   All full time systems should also
have backup MX records so the Email will go through if their system is down.

There, that should open up a little discussion.  We can start on better IP
path routing and the importance of redundant RF links between subnets in the
near future...

Bill - WA7NWP