Lemon powered IP allocations

Bill Vodall seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 23:13:28 -0700 (PDT)

> As I understand it... no need to. Mobile IP is implemented in Linux, and 
> therefore available on our gateways. Like MANY previous routing 

Thanks for the descriptions Steve,  the "smart" guest gateway is a cool
idea.  It'll be fun to play with.

> I can think of umpteen different services that would be fun to provide. 
> Thinking about the long range evolution of APRS to being IP-based, why not 
> have every (Linux-based) host provide a core set of services. One that we 
> had a lot of fun with in "the olden days" was finger; having a stable 
> address allows me to finger any ham's station in the world and learn more 
> about them. Etc.

Absolutely, but how often would these be provided "from" a client (laptop)
on a "poll" basis?  I still don't see where it would "normally" be
needed for the mobile to pollable.

> >Here's another challenge for everybody.  What services are available
> >currently on
> >the Wetnet network?   I know of a TNOS web server that I can't log in to.
> >And
> >a web page with a large up front picture.   What's out there that's fun,
> >interesting and useful?  What's the IP address (static or dynamic) of
> >the half-life server.
> Chat services / Conference bridge
> FTP services
> AX.25 services (could be "BBS services" on each LAN's gateway, but we don't 
> do much with that)
> Internet gateway :-)

I know what's available on a Linux server - but what's available on
specific Wetnet nodes?   What's "fun" to do when connected to
the network?