Lemon powered IP allocations

Steve Stroh seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 06:06:52 -0700

Um, last I knew, those services that are available on the network.

As for how often those services would be polled... I think it's more of a 
"chicken and egg" thing. We don't try (to poll services on other systems) 
because it's typically not done.

For example, if I had a car node, I'd be able to poll it for battery 
voltage, etc. (Of course, it could also email me that info, but that's the 
POINT of being able to experiment.)


At 23:13 6/27/00, Bill Vodall wrote:
> >
> > As I understand it... no need to. Mobile IP is implemented in Linux, and
> > therefore available on our gateways. Like MANY previous routing
>Thanks for the descriptions Steve,  the "smart" guest gateway is a cool
>idea.  It'll be fun to play with.
> > I can think of umpteen different services that would be fun to provide.
> > Thinking about the long range evolution of APRS to being IP-based, why not
> > have every (Linux-based) host provide a core set of services. One that we
> > had a lot of fun with in "the olden days" was finger; having a stable
> > address allows me to finger any ham's station in the world and learn more
> > about them. Etc.
>Absolutely, but how often would these be provided "from" a client (laptop)
>on a "poll" basis?  I still don't see where it would "normally" be
>needed for the mobile to pollable.
> > >Here's another challenge for everybody.  What services are available
> > >currently on
> > >the Wetnet network?   I know of a TNOS web server that I can't log in to.
> > >And
> > >a web page with a large up front picture.   What's out there that's fun,
> > >interesting and useful?  What's the IP address (static or dynamic) of
> > >the half-life server.
> >
> > Chat services / Conference bridge
> > FTP services
> > AX.25 services (could be "BBS services" on each LAN's gateway, but we 
> don't
> > do much with that)
> > Internet gateway :-)
>I know what's available on a Linux server - but what's available on
>specific Wetnet nodes?   What's "fun" to do when connected to
>the network?

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