WETNET WEB Master Change

William Bytheway seatcp@wetnet.ampr.org
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 15:39:15 -0800

I will no longer be serving as your WEB master for WETNET.WA.COM. All future
inputs to the WEB site should be directed to Ken Koster, N7IPB
[koster@ipsg.mot.com], who has now taken over the task so that he can move
WETNET.WA.COM in a different direction.  This is Ken's decision and he
promises a completely new look to replace mine.

I have enjoyed serving as your WEB Master over last five years.  When I took
over the job, no one else had the time to put into creating a world class
site and it was badly in need of some tender loving care.  After many hours
collecting data and creating HTML code, the site grew to what it is today. A
JAVA applet for accessing the Convers bridge, the dancing network topology
and the bulletin search engine were all original contributions.  All of this
was fun work and I would do it again if asked.

I'll still continue to work on my ~aa6ed home page and support George W7KSJ
with his RTTY material still being hosted on WETNET. I will miss the WETNET
WEB challenge.

William Bytheway