Caching DNS server

Bill Vodall WA7NWP
Mon, 20 May 2002 09:21:40 -0700

This is going to be a busy day...

Last night, while reading in "Linux Routers" by Tony Mancill, I discovered the
ease and advantage of enabling a "Caching DNS Server" on a linux box.

If this is useful on an regular Internet connected system, it'll be much more
so on a 44.24 net machine where DNS queries are slower.

I'm guessing an additional advantage of this is that it's a step towards functioning
as a secondary DNS for a zone, such as the 44 net.

I wrote up my notes on the wiki at:

Two questions (for now) regarding this scheme.

1. If a Linux box has BIND running as a caching DNS server.  Should it
include it's own IP address as the first entry in resolv.conf?

2. I configured the "forwarders" of the caching server to have Wetnet as the
second of three.  The ISP's machine were first and third.  The idea being that
there may be some local addresses server that wouldn't appear in the
real world DNS system.   Is this a reasonable scheme or should I stick with the
ISP's servers.

Onward!   11 days to Seaside!