900Mhz radio opportunity

Andy Madsen seatcp@wetnet.net
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 20:55:48 -0800 (PST)

Hey Ken,

You can sign me up for one if it's not too late. 
Just let me know who to pay and I'll bring cash 
or check.


--- Ken Koster <n7ipb@algedi.wetnet.net> wrote:
> Some of us have been talking about linking the
> 224.78 repeater with Peter's
> 224.22 machine near Seattle.  Since it's difficult
> to avoid interfering with
> repeaters/links if we used 440Mhz for this the talk
> naturally evolved to
> 900Mhz and up.
> It turns out that there are a number of good mods
> that take commercial
> gear and convert them to the 900Mhz ham band. 
> Motorola Maxtrac's, Spectra's
> and others all convert with relative ease to 900Mhz.
> On top of that there are an increasing number of
> 900Mhz repeaters going on
> the air all over the country.  It's possible to get
> a complete repeater for 
> $300-$400 from various sources.
> So, here's the deal.  We have access to the Channel
> 9 tower where Dennis's
> 56k machine is located.  We plan on putting a 900Mhz
> repeater at that site
> cross-linked to Peter's 224.22 machine probably also
> at that site.  Then
> we'll link 224.78 to the 900Mhz repeater and thus
> also to the .22 machine.
> As part of that project we're planning on a group
> buy of some Motorola 
> 16 channel Maxtrac radios, and the parts to convert
> them.  The total 
> cost will be $80 for the radio, and no more than $35
> for the parts, although
> we think we can get the parts for less if we do a
> bulk purchase.  We'll also
> plan a group get together were we'll do the mods and
> check the radios. 
> That way you don't have to go it alone.
> What you end up with is a 16 channel 900Mhz radio,
> that looks like this:
> It will cover the whole 900mhz amateur band, simplex
> frequencies and all.
> And there are mods to make it do 9600 if you want
> to, I have two of the 440
> model that do just fine at 9600.
> We have to move fairly fast on this as the radios
> are locally available now,
> and if we wait too long the price keeps going up. 
> Six months ago these 
> radios could be had for as little as $10.
> What we need to know is who is interested enough to
> plunk down $100 sometime
> in the next two weeks so we can purchase the radios.
>  The extra $20 will go
> toward the parts and we'll try our best to get
> everything for that price,
> but worst case we may need an additional $15, no
> more.
> So who's interested?  We've got a count of about
> 12-15 already.  Just send me
> a note if you're seriously interested and I'll keep
> a tally.  Steve (N7KP)
> will be the one making the purchase so I'll forward
> the results on to him.
> Ken,  N7IPB
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