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Craig Petersen
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 06:20:17 -0700

Greetings Gary, your mail bounced because I have the entire verizon domain 
blocked to keep spammers at bay. But I have put your e-mail address in my 
access file so it should pass through now.

Anyhow, here is the scoop on getting the ultra to run in 64 bit mode and 
getting the drive to work...

For 64 bit operation on a Ultra 1 you will need to only edit 1 file ( need to 
be root). The file /platform/sun4u/boot.conf must have the following line 


For correcting the "bad magic number" problem with the hard drive you need to 
do the following.

Boot off CD in single user mode, run format and relabel the disk.

To boot into single user mode from the CD should be..    boot cdrom -s

If that dosen't work you could probally boot from the CD, let the install 
fail, then format and relabel the disk from there.

There are several sun news groups you may want to subscribe to. They can 
sometimes provide a wealth of info. Plus, the Solaris Developer Connection is 
an exelent place to find technical articles..


The url for the Solaris Developer Connection is..

On Thursday 17 October 2002 17:27, Gary Fiber wrote:
> Craig,
> Sent two messages to you via Both bounced. Send me how to
> cure the bad magic number on the sparc disk and how to set Solaris into 64
> bit mode. My email is
> Gary K8IZ
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