Icom HM-14 microphone wanted

Steve Stroh seatcp@wetnet.net
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 13:51:16 -0800


I'm on the lookout for an Icom HM-14 microphone. This is the original issue
microphone, about the size of my palm, for the IC-28A, IC-38A, and IC-48A
radios. It has a DTMF pad on it. If you have one that you're not likely to
use again (like on a radio permanently used for packet), I could trade an
HM-12 for it (plus additional compensation), which has the "hanger bracket"
instead of the "mini" round microphone hanger, and doesn't have a DTMF pad.

They're no longer carried by Icom parts, and the recommended replacement is
a bit pricey. I'm hoping to find an HM-14 to go with the other two I have on
my IC-28A and IC-38A.


Steve N8GNJ

Steve Stroh   steve@strohpub.com  425-481-0600