Consensus on "TNC" connectors

Steve Stroh
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 06:34:49 -0700

With the next generation of a Wireless ISP product expected to emerge before
the end of the year, we'll be able to do 20+ miles, 3+ Mbps, for around $500
per node - the base station will cost several multiples of that, but that's
a group purchase.

It's as you describe - Ethernet and low-voltage power over cat-5 cable, and
you mount the radio as high as you need to with no RF losses or expensive
cable, even IF cable.



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> Well..if we are making suggestions...
> V.35...when was the last time you had to buy a v.35 device?
> Heck, take a clue from some of the better telcom manufactures. I
> think its
> pretty cool that some of them make a data radio that goes up at
> the antenna and
> connects with just an RJ-45 carrying Ethernet...
> Some of them use coax that carries a low freq IF to the radio on
> the pole. That
> is pretty cool too.
> We have all discussed that a future amateur radio data box should
> just have and
> Ethernet connection and an RF connection. No more TNC as it is today.
> Steve N0FPF