Need device driver

David Flood
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 06:50:36 -0700


What's the 5 digit alphanumeric code on the white sticker on the back of
that machine?  With that, anyone who has fast access can go and get you the
ones specific to your machine.


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Subject: Need device driver

Hey can someone help me out.  I need to find the device driver
for Win 98 for an Dell Optiplex GX1.

Please don't tell to go to the Dell website.  I cannot access
it with my current browser, and no I cannot change my browser.
No don't go there..... :-)

Anyway if anyone could grab it and put it on an ftp site
(wetnet would be good) it would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dennis.

Dennis Rosenauer AC7FT 
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