Field Day

Ken Koster
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 11:00:10 -0700

Yup, it's that time again.  

Bring yourselves, radios, family and friends to this years Field Day.
Once again it's held at the QTH of Richard N7RIG, this year with a new
addition, Cows.  Yes Cows in the field, luckily seperated from the antennas
by a fence but nevertheless there will be cows to add an extra level of
excitement to the weekend. 

Full Details and directions can be found on the wetnet home page 

So far the weather is looking to be OK so pack your bags bring a tent 
and spend the weekend or at least come up and have a few eyeball qso's 
with everyone.

The Barbacue will be fired up and  Costco is nearby so we'll be sure to
have plenty of burgers and hot-dogs for all.  Those of you willing to
spend some time operating get your burgers hand delivered :-)

Last year was a blast (see  so come on up and
join the fun.


The self-appointed field day committee
Richard, Bob, Dennis, Craig, Ken and all the others who said "did
you remember this?, that or the other thing"