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Hi Erik,

Unless things have changed, using digipeaters for packet connections isn't within the allowed methods of contact for Field Day credit.  And there wouldn't be any noticiable benefit in your setting up a digipeater on Table Mtn, with a node set up on Naneum Ridge, with a commercial grade installation.

So you're pretty much limited to what you'd be able to do with the 144/440 MHz simplex frequencies.

I would suspect that K7CAR may be up on Lion Rock, quite nearby, if he operates again from where he did 3-4 years ago.  I drove up there to get together with the Icom crowd for field day, on Sunday morning.  They were still asleep, so I drove up to the peak, and found Kent up there, with a camper and several beams up on a mast attached to the truck.

Of course, you're welcome to join us!

Hope that helps.

73, Bob, KD7NM

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This will be my first field day as a Newbie and I have a couple questions...

I will be spending Field Day camping on top of Table Mountain (Ellensburg
area).  I would like to participate with my mobile rig (VHF/UHF) and also
have a Kantronics 3+ TNC.  Aside from listening for calls on the 2 meter
simplex frequencies, are there any other ideas how I could participate?  How
about using my TNC as a digipeater?  Are there any Packet systems in the
area I could try to connect to?



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