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n7ipb n7ipb at wetnet.net
Thu Aug 26 13:39:46 PDT 2004

After the Australian head of SCO declared yesterday that "Linux doesn't Exist,
everyone knows it's an unauthorized version of Unix"  this was posted on Groklaw.

Ken, N7IPB

by Scriptwriter

There's no such thing as Linux
That fills me with dismay
It must be an illusion
What I sit and do all day
I can't be running Firefox
When I do my web exploring,
I can't be playing Pysol --
Gee, my life is rather boring.

There's no such thing as Linux
And therefore, I would fear,
I've wasted gobs of time
Upon a thing that isn't here.
Those web streams that I listen to
>From varied types of stations
Apparently are only
Auditory hallucinations.

There's no such thing as Linux?
It makes me wonder how
This program I'm compiling
Runs through gcc right now.
I'm not sure whether
My OS exists or not,
But either way it's better
Than what Microsoft has got.

There's no such thing as Linux?
Please say it isn't true!
If I can't play with my penguin
I don't know what I'll do.
But as I sit and ponder
There is one thing that I know:
It won't be very long until
There's no such thing as SCO.

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