NSLU2 and Debian

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Tue Dec 26 19:29:45 PST 2006

 From this week's Debian Weekly News:

ARM now third most-popular Debian Architecture. Rod Whitby
[10]reported that the Linksys [11]NSLU2 is responsible for driving the
[12]ARM port to be the third most popular architecture among Debian
Linux users who run popularity-contest. NSLU2 Debian installations are
easily [13]tracked and make up 90 % of all ARM installations reported
by popcon.

  10. http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS3535328630.html
  11. http://www.nslu2-linux.org/
  12. http://www.debian.org/ports/arm/
  13. http://people.debian.org/~igloo/popcon-graphs/index.php? 

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