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Drat, my e-mail archives on this computer for the list start exactly one
month after that file.  Next time I'm at the parents, I'll see if I have
older archives since I was sharing a computer with them back then.

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Hi Alex.

Yup I designed some filters some time back.  I took a look at the email
archive and it has been corrupted by the mail archive system or some
intermediate mailer.  The file was a uuencoded, gzipped tarfile.  This was a
common way to send a group of files on Unix (Linux, Solaris, BSD
etc.) machines.  There is no encryption at all.  The mailer added a bunch of
<mail to: > remarks and damaged the file.

I don't know if I have the original work anymore.  I have moved twice since
I submitted that article to the mailing list and some of the computers I 
to synthesize and simulate the filters don't exist anymore.  I have to see
if any of that material still exists on a CD-ROM or tape archive.

If memory serves, they were simple bandpass filters for Field Day.  If you
have a specific filter in mind, it would be no problem for me to do the
filter synthesis and then simulate the filters.  I have no recollection of
the specs to which these particular filters were designed to.  I think it
came about after a brunch meeting with some of the local Seattle hams.


Alex Buzak wrote:

>hi, i have what is probably a simple question for you.  you have a 
>message about field day filters posted at the website: 
>I was curious what the seemingly encrypted data is below your message 
>is.  is it an encrypted version of your message above, or is it of the
>if it is of the file, as i suspect, is there anyway to get a hold of an 
>unencrypted version of that file or simply get information as to what 
>type of encryption was used.  any information you can give me would be 
>appreciated, im quite curious.
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