One Laptop

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at
Thu Dec 20 11:06:25 PST 2007

The little brown box with the XO laptop was waiting on the porch last
night when we returned home from work.

Overall very cool!

The keyboard is small leading tohunt and peck only so one of the first
upgrades is going to be a better keyboard.  I have power requirement
concerns over using a bluetooth dongle and the Apple wireless keyboard
so I'll probably see if a plain USB device is supported.

Lots of new buttons on the keyboard.  Looks like I'm actually going to
have to RTFM.

It has a terminal mode and SSH is built in.  TOP shows the main cpu
user when "nothing" is happening to be X.   I had to try -- it will
display remote X applications (IE. xload at but it seems to
be a one screen at a time device like the Rat-poison X-server.
Again, I have a manual to read and lots to learn so multiple aps on
one screen may just be a configuration option.

The WiFi display is cool.  It shows a scatter chart of the local nodes
complete with padlock tags on the locked networks.  It also thinks
it's finding fellow Mesh nodes which I find strange unless there were
other XO's hiding in Tulley's this morning.

It joined up and used both the Meraki WIFI at home and the free WiFi
at Tulley's with no trouble.

The web browser is usable..  Limited but not bad.   Much better then
the N800.   Still nothing like a full sized display but that's not a

Steve confirmed that it is viewable in full sunlight.  Colors are
washed out but the basic display elements are totally legible.

I think this will make a good alternate "remote ham station" and
probably a primary tablet and reader.  The N800 still rules as the
remote controlled station and personal data manager.

We certainly have great toys (oops - tools) to play (oops - work) with now..

Bill - WA7NWP

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