Friday question - minimum PC - CPU/RAM for virtualization

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at
Wed Nov 4 18:00:49 PST 2009

> You've probably already decided, but our IT manager at work mentioned to me
> yesterday that he went down to Costco last weekend and bought an enormous
> Dell machine (8 Gb RAM, 750 Gb HD, Two Dual-core CPUs) including a 24 inch
> LCD monitor for $699. He's pretty savvy on costs, and this sounded like a
> darn good deal to me.

that's a heck of a deal on a new box...  Probably even includes Windows 7...

Personally I've been having fun with my first ever Linux "personal
workstation." and learning more of what ubuntu 8.10 can do...  (I know
- it's time to upgrade already.)

PC is one of those IBM's from Computer Surplus.   500 M RAM, 40 GB HD,
2.6 GHz cpu...   $100

Mouse is HP opticial from one of the local 'cable' (thrift) stores.   $2

Monitor is brand new 20" model from Costco...   $130.

Keyboard is an old 486 era model with one of the funky big 5 pin to
little 6 pin PS2 adapter.

I'll probably spend $40 for a new battery to rejuvenate an old UPS for
the system.

Total cost after tax will be less then $300...

Per Xbyte or xHertz,, it's cheaper to go with the Costco new system...
  Aren't computers great!

Bill - WA7NWP

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